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 Math 320 (Calculus III)

 Recent syllabi and course calendars

          Spring 2007 syllabus and calendar [pdf]

 Course documents

          List of Calculus III prerequisites [pdf]
          Notes on quadrics [pdf]
          Summary of formulas related to analysis of motion in 3 dimensions [pdf]
          Notes on gradients and directional derivatives [pdf]
          Notes on implicit differentiation of functions of several variables [pdf]

 Mathematica information and files

          Students:  obtain your copy of Mathematica by clicking here.
          Some general information about Mathematica [pdf]
          My Calc I/II quick reference guide for Mathematica [pdf]
          A guide to functions, plots and graphics in Mathematica [nb - right-click and save to your machine]

 Old Quizzes and Exams

          Spring 2007 Quizzes [pdf]
          Spring 2007 Exam 1 [pdf]
          Spring 2007 Exam 2 [pdf]
          Spring 2007 Final [pdf] (no solutions)
          Fall 2006 Quizzes [pdf]
          Fall 2006 Exam 1 [pdf] solutions [pdf]
          Fall 2006 Exam 2 [pdf] (no solutions)
          Fall 2006 Final Exam [pdf] (no solutions)


          Math and actuarial science club
          Information on tutoring offered at FSU
          Educational Counseling and Disability Services
          Khan Academy (online math videos)