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 Math 322 (Linear Algebra)

 Recent syllabi and course calendars

        Fall 2018 syllabus [pdf]
          Fall 2018 calendar [pdf]
          Fall 2016 syllabus [pdf]
          Fall 2016 calendar [pdf]

 Course documents

          Lecture notes [pdf]
          A summary of course material (including some enrichment) [pdf]
          Homework problems from an honors linear algebra course I gave at Swarthmore in 2011 [pdf]
          MATLAB quick reference guide [pdf]

 Old exams

        Fall 2016 Exam 1 [pdf]
          Fall 2016 Exam 2 [pdf]
          Fall 2016 Exam 3 [pdf]
          Fall 2016 Final Exam [pdf]
          Spring 2014 Exam 1 [pdf]
          Spring 2014 Exam 2 [pdf]
          Spring 2014 Exam 3 [pdf]
          Spring 2014 Final Exam [pdf]

          WARNING:  the quizzes and exams below are from an honors course; some questions may be unusually difficult
          Fall 2011 Exam 1 [pdf]
          Fall 2011 Exam 2 [pdf]
          Fall 2009 Quizzes [pdf]
          Fall 2009 Exam 1 [pdf]

          Fall 2009 Exam 2 [pdf]
          Fall 2009 Final Exam [pdf]

 Mathematica information and files

          Students:  obtain your copy of Mathematica by clicking here.
          Some general information about Mathematica [pdf]

 Some other old handouts and notes

          Notes on solving cubic equations [pdf]
          Notes on fields [pdf]
          Notes on examples of vector spaces [pdf]
          Notes on linear independence [pdf]
          Introductory notes on matrices [pdf]
          Notes on the classification of inner product spaces [pdf]
          Notes on orthogonal and unitary matrices [pdf]
          Notes on examples of linear transformations [pdf]
          Directions on how to put a matrix in echelon form [pdf]
          A summary of the theory of systems of linear equations [pdf]
          Notes on coordinate changes [pdf]
          Notes on eigentheory [pdf]
          A proof of the polar decomposition theorem [pdf]
          A proof of the (real) spectral theorem [pdf]


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          Educational Counseling and Disability Services
          Khan Academy (online math videos)