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Papers (all pdf)

My papers and preprints

(with A.S.A. Johnson) Finite odometer factors of rank one group actions preprint (2023).

(with A.S.A. Johnson) Topological speedups of Z^d actions Dyn. Sys. 37 (2022), 222-261.

(with M. Nadrowski) An analysis of methods used to measure major college football recruiting classes and assign star ratings to recruits Mathematics and Sports 3 (2021), 1-20.

(with K. Weller, J. Trouba, S. Brigance and M. Dekker) Transforming tradition:  from one instructor to an entire department PRIMUS 31 (2021), 532-549.

(with J. Wilson) Entropy of LEGO(R) jumper plates in J. Beineke and J. Rosenhouse (Eds) The Mathematics of Various Entertaining Subjects Volume 3 Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ (2019), 287-311.

(with A.S.A. Johnson) Speedups and orbit equivalence of finite extensions of Z^d actions New York J. Math 21 (2015), 1371-1387. [journal home page]

(with A.S.A. Johnson) Speedups of countable group extensions of Z^d-actions Dyn. Sys. 29 (2014), 255-284.

An Ambrose-Kakutani representation theorem for countable-to-1 semiflows Discrete Contin. Dyn. Sys. Ser. S 2(2009), 251-268.

Continuity of conditional measures associated to measure-preserving semiflows Trans. AMS 361 (2009), 331-341.

On the maximal Weyl complexity of families of four polynomials (preprint, cited in lit.)

Papers and preprints of my undergraduate students

Michael Nadrowski, "An analysis of methods used to measure major college football recruiting classes and assign star ratings to recruits" (2021) (see link above)

Jonathon Wilson, "Entropy of LEGO(R) jumper plates" (2019) (see link above)

Anzhane' Lance, " Dynamics of the family l(z + 1/z + 1) ", preprint (2018)

Allie Wicklund, A sex-age, density-dependent matrix model for white-tailed deer populations incorporating annual harvest " (2016)

Tyler George, "E-ergodicity and speedups of ergodic systems" Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Math. J. 16 (2015) 72-87.

Keith Goldner, " A Markov model of football" J. Quant. Anal. Sports 8 (2012) (online, 16 pp.)